About the Hungry Brain

So, what's this site for?

This is a book review site of sorts. We read books, we write something about it. We here at the Hungry Brain love reading, especially the sort you do on your own, not because you have to, but simply because you want to.

Who's "we"?

Well, it's Robyn and Jonathan Liu, and our friends and family. So if you like to read, and you want to share your thoughts on good books, let me know and I just might add you to our list. Or, you can leave your own comments on the review pages! But we reserve the right to delete your posts if you read lousy books. :)

How is this site organized?

To get to the home page, all you need to do is click on the big brain at the top.
The reviews are listed in reverse-chronological order, so the newest one will always be at the top of the home page. The three most recent reviews will be on the home page, and everything else is in the archives, sorted by month or genre.

What does this have to do with Rainy Bay Art?

Basically, both websites were put together by Jonathan, who has too many interests. But also, the books I read give me ideas and keep me thinking, so you can think of it as a little peek into what else is going on in my head when I'm not drawing.

Why do most of your links go to Powells.com?

You may have noticed that most posts send you to Powells.com. The main reason is that I've signed up as a Powell's affiliate--if you click through to a book from my site and purchase it there, I get a small commission. Powell's is a wonderful independent bookstore here in Portland, and I feel better sending them business than sending it to Amazon. However, for the best prices, I recommend AddAll, a site which looks for the lowest price (new or used) over several online bookstores. But you don't have to buy a book to read it, either! You can visit your local library, which is a great place to get books, or find some friends with good book collections and swap titles.

What's the deal with the scary toothy brain?

It just popped out of my head one day. That alone is a good reason to keep your brain well-fed!

That's all. Now go read a book!

last updated 01.15.05