God's Debris - Scott Adams

(found at Waldenbooks)
Yes, that Scott Adams, the one who draws Dilbert. Interestingly, it looks like you can buy an e-book download online (though I read the hardcover version). The book is not a Dilbert book nor is it a humor book; it's a metaphysical fable, something Adams describes as a "thought experiment wrapped in a story," and designed for people who like to have their brains spun around in their heads. Honestly, I don't think my brain spun around quite that much from reading the book, but it did propose a few theories about the universe I hadn't thought of before. A very small book, so it'd be easy to get through it even if you don't really like it. And then you could discuss it with me, because I haven't run into anyone yet who's also read it.

Fed to jonathan's brain | September 29, 2002