Love Is the Killer App - Tim Sanders
(came across at Waldenbooks)
An interesting view on business practices that involves becoming a "lovecat" instead of a shark. Key points: sharing your knowledge, your network, and your compassion. Very easy to read and well-organized, with plenty of references to other business books. My biggest objection would be to the use of the word "lovecat," and it looks like something that's not as easy to apply in my current job situations. Still, a fairly interesting concept. It seems like a way to apply the Golden Rule to business interactions, but although he mentions his church in passing and uses the word "evangelize" about his lovecat ways, there's never a strong indication that his choices are driven by faith in God.
This one I'd recommend to people in business situations, whether or not you usually read "business" books. Partly because I think his ideas are a good way to practice business, and partly because I'm curious what other people would think of this book.

Fed to jonathan's brain | September 26, 2002