Season of Mists (Sandman Book IV) - Neil Gaiman et al.

This volume is a collision of all sorts of religions and cultures; the story is a what if?, and the question is: What if Lucifer decided to close up shop, and gave the key to Hell to Morpheus? Gaiman's guess: all the other creatures and deities come seeking the key, with either threats or bribes to offer the dream king. There's a brief bit about the earthly consequences as well, such as the fact that Death has her hands full with all the previously-dead wandering around. I'm still impressed by Gaiman's writing (and, usually, by the writers of the introductions), but the drawings usually leave me wanting, to some extent. The story is so much different from "typical" comic books, but I feel like the artwork isn't outstanding to the same degree. (I'm sure there are those that would disagree vehemently with me, but them's my thoughts.)

Fed to jonathan's brain | December 21, 2002