Feeding the Mind - Lewis Carroll
(Found on Levenger.com, got through interlibrary loan)
This tiny little "gem," as Levenger calls it, may be tricky to find in a store, but I was able to get it fairly easily through the library. (At the prices most online bookstores seem to be selling it, it's probably just as well.) Taken from the text of one of Carroll's lectures, this short piece compares the mind to the body, and addresses proper care and feeding to keep one's mind healthy. For example, if you're constantly reading fluffy novels, then a hard science book may be practically indigestible. He also recommends taking short breaks between the reading of different subjects to give your mind a chance to shift gears. And finally—the most important tip he offers—it is good practice to spend plenty of time digesting what you've read, rather than just continuing to shovel it in. It's a fun little read and hopefully will have a beneficial effect on my reading habits.

Fed to jonathan's brain | January 03, 2003