Narcissa - Lance Tooks

(found at library)
This is a graphic novel about Narcissa, a young black atheistic female filmmaker who discovers she is dying and decides to outrun death. She leaves her film, flees to Spain, and discovers more about herself through various encounters with people. The parts of the book that deal with Narcissa's film make a harsh critique of the way "black" films are typically made, and there's a section which parodies almost all the "black" movies that you've ever heard of. The style is quite different from most graphic novels I've read so far, and it fits the character of Narcissa. I hadn't heard of Lance Tooks before reading this book, but you can go to his website and read more about him and his art. One particular thought Narcissa has that struck a chord with me: "...what do you do when that thing you know you were born to do is so expensive, so competitive and so dependent on the cooperation of others?" In other words, when do you decide that it's easier to get a job than pursue a dream?

Fed to jonathan's brain | February 13, 2003