Take the Cannoli [Stories from the New World] - Sarah Vowell
(recommended by Dr. Holt via Robyn)
This collection of essays, previously read by Robyn, is a major reason why we finally got around to watching the first two parts of the Godfather trilogy. Vowell rants about Disney World, explains how American history happened at the intersection of Michigan and Wacker in Chicago, and makes a brief attempt to fight insomnia. While reading her essay about making mix tapes, I thought of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity (although I have to admit I've only seen the movie), and then she talks about not only the characters in his book, but about her conversation with Hornby on the subject. It made me envious of her job—one that "happens to involve getting paid to talk to your parents or Burt Bacharach." Or, for that matter, learning to drive, going to a rock-and-roll music camp, or Disney World. I think, how can I get a job where people pay me to visit interesting places and meet interesting people? I need to look into this.

Fed to jonathan's brain | February 28, 2003