The Golem's Mighty Swing - James Sturm
(found at library)
I'm not a baseball fan, but when I see new graphic novels appear at the library, I tend to check them out. Research, I call it. :) The Golem's Mighty Swing is a graphic novel about the Stars of David, a travelling Jewish baseball team in the 1920s. They drive from city to city, playing against local teams. Sturm's drawings are black and white with ink washes, and evoke the feel of the 20s. The story itself portrays racism, media hype, and baseball, and mixes in a little mysticism in the form of the Golem, a man-made creature from Jewish tradition, brought to life to protect but ultimately bringing destruction. It's definitely worth a look—the drawings are excellent and the story is thoughtful ... and how could you resist a baseball player named "the Zion Lion"?

Fed to jonathan's brain | February 19, 2003