Pearls Before Swine: BLTs Taste So Darn Good - Stephen Pastis
If you've never seen Pearls Before Swine, get thee to and take a look. It's very simply drawn, with a dumb pig, cynical rat, activist zebra, and art-smart goat. Apparently, it's also a favorite strip of Scott "Dilbert" Adams, and there's a series of strips in this book where Rat gets sued for drawing "Bildert," a comic strip with a few too many similarities to "Dilbert." (To be sure, Rat is a wee bit like Dogbert, but who says Scott Adams has a monopoly on jerks?) Interestingly enough, Pastis was a full-time lawyer until he managed to get syndicated—there's hope for us unpublished cartoonists after all ... if we could manage to be so funny, that is.

If you can't get a hold of the book, at least read some online.

Fed to jonathan's brain | March 28, 2003