Stanley Yelnats's Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake - Louis Sachar

This is a followup to Holes, and it's pretty amusing and adds to the original, except for one flaw: at the end of Holes (semi spoiler alert!), Camp Green Lake gets shut down. So a survival guide isn't really necessary anymore. Stanley mentions that it somehow got started up again, and the kids are back, digging holes again, although if you'd read the first book you'd know that there really isn't any reason to keep digging anymore. But aside from that minor plot problem, this is a wonderful little book for readers who didn't quite get enough of Camp Green Lake. (It's also a great marketing ploy, releasing this at the same time as the movie-poster-cover version of the book.) There are chapters on the best way to dig a hole; what to do about spiders, scorpions, snakes, and the dreaded yellow-spotted lizard; and what to tell the camp counselors when you get a black eye ("the tent door slammed in my face"). There are also multiple choice questions scattered through the book to see if you've actually been learning what you're supposed to.

Fed to jonathan's brain | March 20, 2003