Rachel's Holiday and Watermelon by Marian Keyes; also Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner

Okay, I only read these because (1) it's Ann's fault; (2) I was a basket case until Residency Match Day and needed some fluffy escapism. Here's the plot (yes, of all three): Woman suffers cataclysmic event involving loss of a steady man-figure. Woman then goes through painful, arduous self-discovery process, during which she finds out she is absolutely a fantastic human being. Also during this process, woman meets exciting, handsome new man while trying to patch it up with the old one. One of these men is handsome, sensitive, sexy, tender, loving, and altogether flawless; while the other is a big jerk-off. The reader knows immediately which is which; it takes Woman more time to figure it out. Eventually, she does figure it out. She then tells off the jerk in a razor-tongued, eloquent, beautifully composed tirade. She and Perfect Man solemnly, sadly, but very maturely agree to go their separate ways. Then, in the final moments when all hope is NOT lost because our heroine has discovered the power of Herself, Mr. Perfect comes running into her arms and they live happily ever after.

Fed to robyn's brain | April 14, 2003