The Hours - Michael Cunningham
Well, naturally I had to read this, because of the movie and all plus the fact that Doug said reading it made him desperate not to see the movie. Believing all the hype that the movie is well done, I myself cannot wait to see it. Now, true, if the director decided to make a simple Harry Potter-style translation of word to picture, then the movie would be a horrible injustice. In the hands of someone more capable, though, I relish the thought of what this could be. Cunningham's layers upon layers of metaphor and allegory delight in language, but they are also stunningly visual. Done right, this could be a very deep, nuanced, captivating film.

I never did get past the mental picture of those actresses in the roles, but I didn't mind so much (except when Meryl Streep's character flips out over perhaps catching a glimpse of... Meryl Streep).

Fed to robyn's brain | April 07, 2003