Lost in a Good Book: A Thursday Next Novel - Jasper Fforde
The sequel to The Eyre Affair, this book takes off from where the last book ended and is even zanier, if that's possible. Since Fforde has already established the main characters and given an idea of Thursday's world, he's able to spend more time simply playing around with it, which turns out to be pretty entertaining. There's still a bit of the plot tied to a lost Shakespearean play, and Goliath Corporation is still around, but this time around Thursday also gets caught up with Jurisfiction, Miss Haversham (of Great Expectations), eradication by the ChronoGuard, and instead of simply saving the ending of a book she manages to prevent the end of the world. Once again, the ending is set up for another book to follow (The Well of Lost Plots, coming Spring 2004, it says), but I'm happy to follow this series along.

Fed to jonathan's brain | May 09, 2003