9-11 Emergency Relief - Jeff Mason, ed.
This collection of stories and artwork from 60+ comic book artists was a response to the September 11 attacks. Some of the contributions are brief—a one-page story, or even a single drawing—while others are lengthy stories. There are artists and writers who live in New York or D.C. who were present the day of the attacks, there are some more tangentially involved, and there are those who lived elsewhere and didn't know anyone there. But all of them were affected (including a few non-Americans). The emotions run the gamut: anger, disbelief, panic, despair ... and even some hope and joy for the life that still survives. There are the kind, touching stories, like the boy who gives a box of "treasure" to a friend whose dad is still missing. There are the cynical ones: a businessman reasons, "... if we make money it helps the economy which benefits the country and that is patriotic!" The artwork shows off a wide variety of styles, and it also makes for a good introduction to lots of artists I haven't read before.

While reading this, I also felt that I don't personally have a story about 9-11. I know people who live in New York, but none that worked at the World Trade Center. I wasn't on any flights in the few days before nor did I have travel plans. I went to work, heard some news on the radio on the drive there, and then eventually we all got sent home, where I sat and watched the news some more. But I guess that's also why I am drawn to books like this—they help me to remember the events of the day, and see them from a perspective other than my own.

Fed to jonathan's brain | July 12, 2003