Stray Bullets Volume 1: The Innocence of Nihilism - David Lapham
If you liked the movie "Pulp Fiction" and you like comic books, then you'd probably enjoy this collection. It's a collection of somewhat-intertwined stories, not necessarily in chronological order, with a heavy dose of violence and gritty menacing characters. The series is called "Stray Bullets" to refer to lives torn apart by unintended consequences, people caught in the crossfire. It's a pretty bleak book, with moments of black humor—I wanted to find out what happened to the characters, but the results weren't always pleasant. The only story I'd say I enjoyed was the story of Amy Racecar, set in 3070 and completely unconnected from the other stories. It's more of a sci-fi gangster satire, more light-hearted than the ugly realism of the others.

Fed to jonathan's brain | August 25, 2003