Collected Hutch Owen Volume 1 - Tom Hart

A friend loaned this one to me—I'd seen this character Hutch Owen maybe once before without having any context to understand him. Hutch Owen is the lone dissenter in a corporate world, fighting against the Worner Corporation which seems to own everything. The first two stories are about Worner's efforts to capture anything counter-culture and market it to consumers. The third is Hutch trying to get a job in the stock market (and hating it), and the last is an old friend who seems to have completely forgotten the good old days of rebellion and now writes for "Self" magazine.

The drawings are somewhat crude and simple; all Worner's yes-men look exactly the same. It gives it a homemade feel that goes well with Hutch's anti-corporate stance. It's worth a read, even if it doesn't mean you stop drinking Coca-cola and Starbucks coffee, just to give you a little perspective.

Fed to jonathan's brain | November 15, 2003