Fun With Milk & Cheese - Evan Dorkin

I forget where I first heard about Milk & Cheese, but I never managed to find it anywhere, despite checking at comics shops when I remembered. I finally managed to get it from the library (which seems to have a growing selection of graphic novels). The premise is quite simple and punny: Dairy Products Gone Bad. Milk and Cheese are vicious, spiteful, and gratuitously violent, beating up anything and anybody that gets in their way. They fight a war on drugs—but only so they can watch "A Current Affair" instead of anti-drug commercials. They tear up the mall while playing "no-talent celebrity tag."

Some of it is pretty clever and witty; at other times, the joke gets a little stale. It's worth checking out if you like strange, weird comics, though be prepared to be offended. It is, after all, milk and cheese gone bad. (har, har)

Fed to jonathan's brain | November 10, 2003