A Series of Unfortunate Events #10: The Slippery Slope - Lemony Snicket

A man of my acquaintance once wrote a poem called "The Road Less Traveled," describing a journey he took through the woods along a path most travelers never used. The poet found that the road less traveled was peaceful but quite lonely, and he was probably a bit nervous as he went along, because if anything happened on the road less traveled, the other travelers would be on the road more frequently traveled and so couldn't hear him as he cried for help. Sure enough, that poet is now dead.

So begins the latest volume in A Series of Unfortunate Events, which follows the three Baudelaire orphans through their tragic tale, and it gives you a good idea about the type of book that follows. The Slippery Slope moved the plot along quite a bit, revealing a bit more about the mysterious V.F.D. as well as the plans of the villainous Count Olaf, but there's certainly many more mysteries left to be solved. If you haven't picked up this series yet, you may want to give it a shot. As one reviewer put it, this book "has to be the only book labeled 'For ages 9 to 12' that quotes both Nietzsche and Swinburne and includes a definition of Stockholm Syndrome. "

Fed to jonathan's brain | December 11, 2003