Zippy Annual 2002 - Bill Griffith

Zippy the Pinhead is not for everyone. I recognize that, especially because for quite some time I thought Zippy was a total waste of comics-page space. But since then I've joined the growing minority who thinks Zippy is one of the most brilliant strips out there, in its own quirky way. This particular collection of strips from 2002 includes Griffy & Zippy's encounter with the "realistic comics" girl (and Griffy's visits to Mark Trail, Apt. 3G, and Mary Worth), as well as many of the giant roadside attractions Zippy loves to visit. This is also one of the few daily comic strip collections I've come across that has endnotes—some just indicating the location of the landmarks, but also chock full of trivia. (For instance, did you know that Thomas "Painter of Light" Kinkade's "paintings" are actually just prints with a few daubs of paint on them? Did you know that an early version of the Michelin Man had a glass of beer and spoke Latin? These are just two of the fascinating facts you'll learn from this book!)

My only complaint? The strip based on our photos (which appeared in newspapers October 25, 2002) isn't included in the book. Why, Griffy, why?

Fed to jonathan's brain | January 28, 2004