Electric Girl Volume 1 & Volume 2 - Michael Brennan

Virginia is "Electric Girl": thanks to a mischievous gremlin who was hanging around at her birth, she can release electricity from her body at will (or inadvertently, when she's upset). And (also thanks to this gremlin) she and her dog, Blammo, are always getting into misadventures. The drawings are simple and expressive, and they fit the story well. Instead of one continuous plotline, Electric Girl is more a collection of vignettes, often jumping back to when Virginia was a little girl.

It's more or less G-rated (with occasional language), fun and light-hearted. Quite often it's not centered around Virginia's electric powers, but more on her relationship with Oogleeoog the gremlin, who can't be seen or heard by anyone except Virginia and her dog. For some short pieces, the dialogue is reduced to little pictures, almost telling the story in pantomime. Not especially deep, but cute.

Fed to jonathan's brain | August 30, 2004