Are We Having Fun Yet? Zippy the Pinhead's 29 Day Guide to Random Activities and Arbitrary Donuts - Bill Griffith

Somewhere I remember reading that Zippy the Pinhead actually coined the phrase "Are we having fun yet?" I haven't been able to confirm that his use of the phrase is in fact the first recorded usage, but it actually wouldn't surprise me. This particular book is one that we came across in a used book store somewhere; I started it a while back and got interrupted and finally finished it this week.

Most of the Zippy the Pinhead I've seen has been in the form of comic strips and collected strips, but this one is different. It's actually 29 "chapters" with some semblance of a plot (or as close as one you'll get when the main character is pretty much defined by his non-sequiturs). It's like Zippy on a road trip through a purely mental landscape.

It is a bit dated (copyright 1985) but it's curious how many of the jokes still apply. And I'll admit: Zippy the Pinhead is not for everyone (in fact, it might be said that he's not for most), but with the rising success of movies like "Napoleon Dynamite," perhaps Zippy's time will come.

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