Marvel Mangaverse 2 - Ben Dunn, Kevin Gunstone

I read the first volume of the Marvel Mangaverse some while ago but I guess I didn't write it down anywhere. Basically the concept is to take Marvel Comics superheroes and reimagine them as manga, Japanese-style comics, with the big eyes and cute faces and big mecha battle robots. So, for instance, the Fantastic Four, instead of being superheroes themselves, put on "meta-talent suits" which create giant versions of their powered-up selves.

It's kind of a fun concept, but the weakness in my opinion is that they try to cram too many characters into a single plotline. So in this volume alone you get the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, the Black Panther, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, the Avengers, Galactus, Nick Fury ... and probably several more I didn't recognize. Also, being an alternaverse, they're allowed to kill off both heroes and villains: after all, they've got plenty.

Fun, shiny, but not great.

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