Jesus in the Margins - Rick McKinley

Rick McKinley is the pastor of Imago Dei Community, the church we currently attend, and this is his first book. It's written for people "in the margins" of life, those who don't feel they belong, whether it's in mainstream society or in church. McKinley explains that when Jesus was on Earth, the people he sought out were those who weren't generally well-accepted in their own societies. And, he continues, these are the people Jesus still seeks out and cares for, despite the impressions the outsiders might have of modern church-goers.

The book is a short, easy read, and McKinley's writing is very similar to the conversational tone in his sermons. He's a pretty laid-back guy and his book might be more palatable to those who are afraid of being preached at, but without sacrificing theological accuracy. I didn't necessarily read a whole lot that I hadn't either heard elsewhere or in his own sermons in church, but it's a pretty good book and may offer some fresh perspectives on Christianity to a reader who doesn't attend his church.

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