Anne of Avonlea - L. M. Montgomery

Robyn and I went to Prince Edward Island for our honeymoon, and a large part of the reason we went (I found out afterward) was because of Anne of Green Gables. We did go see Green Gables while we were on the island, and it was fun but since I hadn't read the books it didn't have the same significance for me. A while ago we read Anne of Green Gables together (which I forgot to post about), and I just finished Anne of Avonlea, the second in the series.

Anne Shirley is a precocious orphan girl adopted by an older couple who were expecting to adopt a boy, and the books are about her wild imagination and the adventures that result from it. She's a romantic who loves to think in poetry rather than prose, and is considered a bit odd by most of the others in town, but (as you would expect) pretty much charms her way into everyone's hearts.

It's easy to tell that Montgomery was probably a "kindred spirit" herself and that these books are a way to put her imagination and poetic descriptions to good use. Anne is a delightful character and I look forward to reading the books with Ridley when she's older.

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