Sshhhh! - Jason

It's funny that somebody with the first name "Jason" would decide to go with the first-name-only deal, but what do I know? He draws great comics. I came across this one in the library and was immediately taken by the spare black-and-white drawings and startling lack of dialogue. Jason's world is populated by animal-head people (birds, rabbits, dogs) who go about their lives without much expression: straight-line mouths, iris-less eyes. Yet with the body language and the strategic placement of little swirlies or sweat marks, they actually turn out to be quite expressive.

The book is broken up into ten short stories, all of which involve a crow-man of some sort, recognizable by his checked jacket and dapper hat. He experiences love, loss, death, children, invisibility, and other bizarre experiences, all in a simple six-panel format.

I only wish the book had been a bit longer; it was over too fast.

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