The Silver Chair - C. S. Lewis

Eustace Scrubb is back, this time with a new initiate to Narnia, Jill Pole. They find themselves sent on a mission to find King Caspian's missing son, Prince Rilian, guided by four somewhat mysterious Signs given to Jill by Aslan. They meet serpents, giants, Marsh-wiggles, and the gloomy Earthmen of the Underland, and discover that Aslan's instructions aren't always what they seem.

This one allows for a bit of mystery-solving, not too difficult but giving a few "aha" moments for those who figure things out before the characters do. Aslan, meanwhile, is being revealed more and more as a God-like figure in the Narnian world. Puddleglum, the Marsh-wiggle who accompanies Eustace and Jill on their journey, is an amusing character and it was wonderful to have him along.

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