Batman: Dark Victory - Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

The screenwriter for the movie "Batman Begins" apparently has said that the movie is based more on Loeb's books Batman: The Long Halloween and "Dark Victory" and not Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. However, it's also quite clear that Loeb was heavily influenced by Frank Miller's version, taking many of the characters and events (and even some of the dialogue) from "Year One" and incorporating them into his own story.

The story was probably originally published in twelve issues, so the beginning of each chapter is a little repetitive, explaining (again and again) some of the major players and events from previous chapters. It's a sequel to "The Long Halloween", following the story of the Falcone crime family after the "Holiday" serial killings. It's another murder mystery, but Loeb seems to be stuck on the one-killing-per-holiday that he used in "The Long Halloween." It seems a bit of a cop-out. But that weakness aside, it's still a pretty good story, with a bit of a mystery to be solved. Dick Grayson, aka Robin, is introduced, and Loeb tries to show why a crime-fighter who insists on working alone would ever have a boy sidekick.

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