Bob the Angry Flower: The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy!!! - Stephen Notley

I just got back from Comic-Con International in San Diego (my first time), and this was my first purchase there. Bob the Angry Flower has been around for a while: it's vulgar, spiteful, random, and generally quite funny. I'd made a jack-o'-lantern of Bob last year and sent it to Notley, who posted it on his website. So when I saw him at the show, I introduced myself and he gave me a great deal on the book. Aside from the regular strips, this includes one my favorites, Bob's guide to the apostrophe, along with a few more (its/it's, you're/your, etc.). Funny story, though: apparently Notley was deluged with emails ever since he did the apostrophe poster, and finally did the others just to please the fans, but I get the impression that he's a bit sorry he did it in the first place. Then again, he sells the apostrophe poster for $10 apiece, so maybe he's not too sorry.

This book also has some full-color strips, a full-length story called "Love-Bot Conquers All," and notes about many of the strips that give a little more insight about the inner workings of Notley's mind. (It's a scary place.)

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