Earthboy Jacobus - Doug TenNapel

This was another purchase from Comic-Con; I loved TenNapel's style in Creature Tech and decided to give his new book a try. This book, like Creature Tech, has more of his fantastic creatures, including the terra-whale, which has the ability to swim between dimensions, and the Ectoids, a race of bug-eyed creatures who are trying to take over all the parallel Earths for colonization.

In the midst of this is Jacobus, a boy found by Chief Edwards in the outh of a whale. There's something not quite right with his hand, and the Ectoids are after him. What follows is a lot of action and fighting, a lot of bizarre insect-like creatures (and weapons and ships), and a sweet story about a boy and his adopted dad.

TenNapel's comics usually have some element of Christianity in them—this one a little less so than Creature Tech, though he does get some mileage out of the Jonah story, and Chief's good friend is a chaplain. Don't let that deter you, though; it's an imaginative story, and TenNapel's creatures and drawing style can't be beat.

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