Flaming Carrot Comics 3: Greatest Hits - Bob Burden

I got to meet Bob Burden at Comic-Con and got a copy of Flaming Carrot's Greatest Hits, which is the third collected volume. Flaming Carrot is a crime-fighter, one with no super powers. The origin story is that this man sat down and read 5000 comics in one sitting on a dare, suffered irreversible brain damage, and donned the flaming carrot mask (and flippers, in case he has to swim) to fight the forces of evil. Somewhere I saw him referred to as the world's first surrealist superhero. At any rate, if you want to see a superhero story that's a bit off the beaten path, he certainly fits that description.
This book features some stories involving the Mystery Men (second-string superheroes who couldn't make it into the Justice League), a bunch of giant "Japanese-style" monsters, and the evil plot to clone Hitler's foot in order to take over the world with Nazi boots. At the end there's even a non-Flaming-Carrot story about Invincible Man and his sidekick Nifty Boy, which is quite funny and truly bizarre (and possibly drawn on a dare).

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