Scrib - David Ives

This book was a gift from our good friend Doug, who knows that we collect children's books. David Ives is a playwright (which is how Doug found out about him) who has also written a couple children's books. Scrib takes place in 1863, about a boy nicknamed Scrib who travels a circuit, writing and reading letters for people who can't do it themselves. As the story begins, he finds himself being followed by somebody who wants him dead, but he has no idea why. Over the course of the story Scrib meets Crazy James Kincaid, gets thrown in prison, is shot at, and runs into some pretty rough characters, all while trying to find his way.

Ives has a wonderful way of playing with language. Scrib's English isn't quite perfect, and Ives is able to portray the way the language sounds as it's spoken. "Mazewell have a thoro look," Scrib says to himself. It's a fun story to read aloud, the characters that populate Scrib's world are delightful, and Ives keeps you guessing about how things are going to work out.

Thanks, Doug, for a fine book!

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