Peter & the Starcatchers - Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson

So I read Peter Pan recently, partly because I heard about this book, a prequel that just came out last year. (Interesting aside: J. M. Barrie's father was named David Barrie.) After reading Peter Pan, I thought Dave Barry would be the perfect author to take up the story, with his trademark goofy asides to the reader. Alas, the prose in this book is pretty straightforward, just plot and dialogue and none of the snide remarks Barrie sprinkled throughout the original.

The story, however, is still quite enjoyable, and I do have to credit Barry and Pearson with creating an adventurous back story for Peter Pan. We finally find out how Peter learned to fly, how he got involved with Captain Hook, and the history of Mister Grin, the crocodile. There are a few discrepancies with original, but most of the story matches up.

In short, a fun story, but a little disappointing in the storytelling.

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