Scranimals - Jack Prelutsky, illus. Peter Sis

I know I've seen Jack Prelutsky's name somewhere before but I had to Google around before I came across the book Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! by Dr. Seuss, Prelutsky, and Lane Smith, which I must have read at a bookstore at some point. But I saw this book and was immediately attracted to it: partly because of Prelutsky's name and partly because the illustrations are by Peter Sis, one of my favorite illustrators.

The poems are all about animals created by combining a plant name with an animal (Mangorilla), or perhaps two animals (Parrotter). They're delightful and silly, and Sis's illustrations are perfect for the job. His drawings have the look of something much older than it is, and has the flavor of old biology illustrations while still being whimsical and a bit absurd.

Beware the Radishark! Laugh at the clueless Potatoad! And be thankful the Stormy Petrelephant can't actually fly!

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