Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret - Judy Blume

I had just read part of a review of Are You There God? recently when I came across it here where we're housesitting, so I gave it a quick read (despite being bothered by the incorrectly punctuated title). Robyn described this book as one that 14-year-old boys would flip through and say "Ewww! Gross!" and I'd have to say I agree with that assessment, though now I can also see that it's a pretty good book for preteen girls, and possibly will give me at least a little insight when my own daughter reaches that age.

The book basically covers various aspects of hitting puberty: boys, getting a bra (and something to put in it), and getting your period. Plus, the fact that Margaret has been raised as "no religion" adds the other major dimension of the book: her dad's mom wants her to be Jewish, and her mom's estranged parents want her to be Christian, but Margaret has been raised with no guidance at all, because her parents want her to decide for herself when she's older. What they don't know is that she's constantly talking to God and is actively seeking him, but just isn't sure how to find him.

The book is rather inconclusive about her search, which isn't unrealistic, but leaves me feeling like the story isn't finished. It's not quite what I expected there. Margaret is a believable character, a young girl who's unsure of herself, wants to fit in with her friends, but also has a strong will of her own. Someday I'm sure my daughter will read it, though I doubt if she'll talk to me about it.

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I started reading that book years ago and loathed every moment of it. Was appalled that the book was so popular. I vividly remember STOMPING on the spine thinking it didn't deserve "book status." Pretty much turned me off to the entire Judy Blume genre!

Posted by: Elizabeth at February 13, 2006 03:55 PM

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