Too Much Coffee Man: How to Be Happy - Shannon Wheeler

Shannon Wheeler is a Portlander, but I'd heard of Too Much Coffee Man long before we moved to Portland. He's a bizarre figure with an oversized coffee mug on his head, sort of like a superhero except without the powers (unless you count the power of irony). There's not much that actually happens in his strips usually (occasionally there's a continuing storyline, but don't count on it), but he makes wonderful observations about our world. (For example, at a shopping mall: "90% of everything is crap ... Except crap. 100% of crap is crap.")

How to Be Happy probably isn't my favorite collection of his comics, but it's the first one I've actually purchased. I saw him at Wordstock and decided, hey, I run into Wheeler at so many events and keep telling him how much I like his comics, but I've never actually paid for anything. So here we are.

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