Further Grickle - Graham Annable

I must have seen Grickle somewhere before—in a store, perhaps—because it looks pretty familiar, but I'm sure I haven't read much of it. It's a series of unconnected cartoons populated with simply-drawn people, most of them cranky. Some of the humor reminds me a little of Too Much Coffee Man, with the cynicism and generally unhappy endings. My favorite cartoon was the first one, "living for the moment," which is even more simply drawn than the rest of the book. A man attends a party, blurts out an insipid remark during a conversation, and then tries to correct his mistake using his time machine ... again and again and again. The last (and lengthiest) story is taken straight from urban legend, involving a dog and a neighbor's dead wombat. It's a collection of somewhat amusing anecdotes, good if you're feeling cynical and need a laugh.

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