The Invicible Ed - Ryan Woodward

Found this one at the library and thought it looked mildly amusing: high school geek becomes invincible. Enh. There's a little green alien, Nod, responsible for training somebody to be protector of the earth, but due to a mix-up, Ed ends up with powers of invincibility, while the bully Lance gets all the aggressive shooting-energy-from-his-hands powers. Nod is basically a mix of Yoda and Uncle Ben (there's a line "Great men overcome great obstacles," echoing the well-known Spiderman quote). The art style changes from issue to issue, so it's sometimes hard to recognize the characters (except for the handy-dandy "X" on Lance's shirt and "O" on Ed's. The text is riddled with typos and misspellings, and, moreover, there's that superfluous "The" in the title. Don't bother.

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