Most Wanted: A Gamble in Verse - Jeffrey Encke

This one is a bit hard to categorize, since it's poetry, but in an unusual form: Encke has printed excerpts of poems and artwork on a deck of cards. It stemmed from the Department of Defense's "Most Wanted" deck of cards (Saddam Hussein as the Ace of Spades, for instance), which in turn led to the parody "Deck of Doom," featuring George Bush & Co. as America's Most Wanted. Encke began to write a series of poems addressed to the people in the Deck of Doom, playing on the words "most wanted" to think about love and war.

This deck of cards is excerpted from the as-yet-unpublished book of poetry, so it's not really a book, but is related. I collect playing cards, so when I saw this at Wordstock, I bought one immediately. Thought-provoking and beautiful, but maybe not so great as a deck of cards because there are a few cards where the background is dark-colored and it's hard to make out what number/suit it is.

You can check out Encke's site at for more information.

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