Kinetic - Kelley Puckett & Warren Pleece

Like so many of the books I read, this book was reviewed somewhere, and then I came across it at the library, and couldn't remember what I'd read about it. Anyway, Tom is a high schooler with serious health problems: hemophilia, diabetes, monomyelic amyotrophy. His right arm doesn't work, his mom gives him shots every so often, and if he starts bleeding, he won't stop. But then one night he gets hit by a truck, and everything changes. Suddenly he his arm starts working, and he becomes invulnerable and powerful.

The freedom Tom feels (as well as the freedom his mom suddenly gains) is overwhelming, and there are some interesting moments: what would a real teenager do if he suddenly had powers? How many teenagers do you know who would use them for good and not, say, petty revenge?

The dialogue, however, is pretty weak, and the drawings are so-so. And even if you just accept the rules of his superpowers, there are inconsistencies and it doesn't seem to hold up. I don't know if this was the entire run of the story or if there's more planned, but it was enough for me.

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