Outside Over There - Maurice Sendak

This one was a "big sister" gift for Ridley from our good friends Dave & Augusta, and one that I'd never seen before. Ridley is a fan of several of Maurice Sendak's other books, and she got a few of them in the mail today. The writing has Sendak's lyrical half-rhyming half-prose feel to it, but the drawings are unlike any of his other books I've seen, with much more detail and shading. It makes things even more surreal than his other books, because the characters look more solid (yet not quite right, either).

The story is about big sister Ida, whose baby sister gets carried off by the goblins to be married. Ida takes her raincoat and trumpet and sets off to rescue her sister. It all turns out well in the end, of course, but it's a little dark and creepy in the middle.

If you're a fan of Sendak, check it out. You may be surprised by what you find.

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