100% - Paul Pope

"If I had the money and the opportunity ... Oh, I'd do something ... something gorgeous."

100% is a story of six intersecting lives in New York City, set in some not-so-distant future. MRI technology has been absorbed into exotic dance clubs, so that now instead of seeing nude girls, you see into them as they dance. Daisy is a commitment-phobic dancer who meets John, a dishwasher in the club. Strel, the dance manager, is eager to get out of the business altogether and start her own coffeeshop, and her cousin Eloy is attempting to get funding for his tea-kettle art project. Kim, a friend of Strel's, struggles with insecurity after a girl turns up dead near the club. And Haitous, a fighter, tries to win Strel back after being gone for a year.

The drawings are thickly detailed and teeming with people and noise and mess. The characters are intriguing enough to pull you into the story, and the sci-fi is just in the background, just enough to tweak the world a little but not so much that it's the main focus of the story.

Fed to jonathan's brain | January 16, 2007