Transmetropolitan 10: One More Time - Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, Rodney Ramos

I read most of the Transmetropolitan series back in 2003 but the library didn't have the last volume yet, and then I forgot to finish up until now. This is about the last showdown between Spider Robinson and the President. Spider is suffering from some sort of brain disease and isn't all there; the President is up to his ears in bad publicity from all his secrets that Spider has been leaking to the media.

As I think I've said before, Transmetropolitan is not a nice comic, and Spider is definitely not a nice person. But he does care about the truth, and is willing to risk just about anything (and anyone) to get it to the public. This particular volume doesn't bring a lot of new revelations; mostly it's what you already know or would guess about the characters. However, it does have the author's dream-come-true scenario where the media finally finds its voice and stands up to the President.

All in all, a provoking series about politics, media, and image (and a host of other stuff).

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