Beauty & the Beast - Max Eilenberg, illus. Angela Barrett

Once upon a time, there was an extremely wealthy merchant who lived in an extremely splendid house with his extremely beloved daughters.

I forget where I first heard about this version of the Beauty and the Beast tale, but had read that it was worth checking out, both for the writing and the illustrations. It's a little different from the versions I've heard before, with two nasty older sisters thrown in for good measure, and the illustrations are quite good. I suppose it's a decent moral that the one who gets a happy ending is the girl who loves her father and sees the true beauty behind the beast's face, instead of the greedy sisters who are only interested in fancy outfits and handsome boys. And yet, that happy ending? A handsome prince, a beautiful mansion, and all the fancy outfits you could ever want. Maybe this is why I like "Shrek."

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