Serenity: Those Left Behind - Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews, Will Conrad

"Change of plans. Looks like we'll be leaving this world a bit sooner than anticipated. I'd like that last statement to prove specific and mundane, not spiritual like."

A few months ago, my friend Erik loaned me "Firefly," a sci-fi television show created by Joss Whedon (of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame) which was canceled during its first year. Because of an outpouring of fan support, a feature film was eventually made to finish off the storyline: not quite as satisfying as a longer series, but at least enough to wrap a few things up. (Side note: if you haven't seen it, it's really worth checking out. Snappy dialogue, wonderful characters, and a strange penchant for swearing in poorly-pronounced Chinese.)

Anyway, this short graphic novel fills in a little bit of what takes place between the end of the TV series and the beginning of the movie. It finally gives an explanation for the disappearance of the "hands of blue" guys from the TV show, but fails to fill in the rest of the story about Shepherd Book. Since it's written by Joss Whedon, all the dialogue sounds just like the show, with the added bonus that the Chinese bits are printed and I could look them up, rather than trying to guess at what they're saying.

The artwork's not bad, either, and is made to look like the actors from the show and film (though Wash never looks quite right). If you're a fan of the series and the movie, this is an excellent addition. If you're not familiar with the show, then this book won't really mean much to you.

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