High Roads - Scott Lobdell & Leinil Yu

This is a bizarre comic I found at the library and blasted through in an afternoon. Nicolas Highroad is a good ol' American boy, brave but naive, about to head home from World War II. Sir Arthur Bombridge III is a Hollywood has-been, now playing "The Littlest Dictator" in France as a miniature Hitler look-alike. And Sloan Applebee is Hitler's former mistress (the one you haven't heard of), and she's stolen the location of his most prized posessions.

These three are thrown together through some bizarre circumstances, and set off to find Hitler's treasure. Along the way they encounter Nazi-ninjas, a failed Kamikaze pilot, and Hitler's "final final solution." The story is fast and jumpy, and the images are eye candy spilling out of their panes. The guy apparently likes to draw scantily-clad women and ninjas, and wanted a way to fit them in a World War II story.

It's just strange. Somewhat entertaining, yes, but very strange.

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