When I'm Old and other stories - Gabrielle Bell

Gabrielle Bell's comics are little vignettes which may or may not be autobiographical. Many of them feature a woman named Gabrielle who is somewhat socially awkward and is surrounded by strange people or gets into strange situations. Some are fantastical stories, like the one in which she turns into a giant but goes to her diner job anyway. Some could be completely real: in "Jet Lag" she flies to England and has some bizarre conversations with her grandmother and friends.

There are some one-pagers that are short, sweet, and quite funny, including a series called "Arm Trophy" featuring a buxom young woman who's always got a different boyfriend, talking about him as if he isn't there. In "Jill," a woman dates a guy only because he resembled Tom Waits. "Things only got complicated when she found out he really WAS Tom Waits."

Her black-and-white drawings are a good fit for the types of stories she tells. My only complaint is that she needs a proofreader. I mean, who misspells "bottom" as "bottem"?

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