The Puzzling World of Winston Breen - Eric Berlin

Winston Breen was solving a puzzle, but then Winston Breen was always solving a puzzle.

Winston Breen is kind of like a newer version of Encyclopedia Brown, except that he just likes puzzles. He likes solving puzzles, looking for puzzles, creating puzzles. So when his little sister discovers some mysterious wooden strips printed with some random words on them, he just has to figure out what they mean. Pretty soon he's involved with a couple shady guys, a 300-pound ex-cop, and the town librarian, trying to piece together a 25-year-old puzzle so they can find some treasure.

It's a fun read with puzzles scattered throughout the book, some integral to the plot and some that are just there for fun (with answers in the back, of course). They're generally a bit better than the Encyclopedia Brown stuff, though not at a Will Shortz level, either. I think puzzle-loving kids would get a kick out of it, and there's a mix of word, number, and logic puzzles so it's not too heavy on any one type.

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