One of my favorite subjects in books is: reading. I like to read books that are about other books, or about reading. So I've decided to add another category to my "genre" list: "Books About Books." It's not a very well-defined category, but roughly what it should include are books that are largely about reading, stories, and books. Some are more explicitly about books (e.g. The Read-Aloud Handbook, which has lots of lists of books to read), and some just heavily allude to books and stories (e.g. Fables, a comic book involving characters from classic fairy tales), and some just have a book or two that feature prominently in the story (e.g. The Rule of Four, a thriller built around a mysterious unintelligible text).

In any case, it's a new category just for fun, adding to the number of things I keep track of for my own amusement.

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