Skylar - Mary Cuffe-Perez

Skylar's words did more than stir the imaginations of the geese. They flicked on the remembering light within each of them, and for that moment, each of them saw the way. The remembering light is shared by all geese. It illuminates the way.

Skylar is the self-appointed leader of a small gaggle of pond geese. Stranded after a failed migration, Skylar is the closest thing to a wild goose that the others have known. So when a lost heron shows up in their pond trying to meet up with the rest of his kind for a migration, Skylar boastfully suggests that he will lead the heron to Lost Pond. And so begins the journey of five overweight inexperienced geese, some of whom have never flown beyond their small man-made pond.

It's a journey story and a friendship story, with some comparisons to Watership Down but much shorter and targeted to a younger audience. Still, it is not without its share of real dangers and tragedy. It's a beautiful tale and the language that Cuffe-Perez uses to describe "the way," the migration paths, is evocative and gorgeous.

I read this one to Robyn and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. This may be one we end up getting for our own shelf eventually.

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