Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears - Emily Gravett

Everyone is scared of something.

This is a clever little picture book with wonderful illustrations and mixed-media collages. It's designed to look like a secondhand (or secondpaw, rather) copy of Emily Gravett's Big Book of Fears, designed to help you overcome your fears by providing space to journal and draw about your various fears. The condition of this particular copy, however, is described as "Poor, scribbled in, rodent damage."

Little Mouse writes, draws, and in many other ways manages to convey her various fears, from aichmophobia (fear of knives, a la the farmer's wife) to phagophobia (fear of being eaten, paired with ornithophobia, fear of birds). The pages are dirtied, torn, ripped and patched with tape, and there are various things to flip up or open. It's a fun examination of different types of fears, and I'm sure there are many little details I missed the first time through.

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